Book Review – Ready Player One

I read this book last year and wrote a book review about it as soon as I had read it, with the intention of posting it on my Blog. I am pretty sure that at the time my old Blog that I deleted was where I was planning to post it. Jack recommended this book to me, and at first I wasn’t very interested as his book tastes are completely different to mine (sci fi, aliens etc…). Here goes my review…

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Now this is not the type of genre I would usually read, but was recommended by my partner who had just started reading it. I want to tell you lots about it but don’t want to say too much to spoil it! It was described to me as inspired by Charlie and the chocolate factory, in the sense that the great creator of the “game” left all of his money to one lucky contender/player.

The story is set in the future in the year 2044 where the world has gone to shit and all of Earth’s population plays their lives out in a virtual reality called the Oasis. The Oasis was created by James Halliday who is a big game designer along with his business partner Ogden, and the contestants are to find three keys to three gates within the Oasis in order to win.

Our main character that we follow is called Wade who lives in a poor area with his Aunt (who he hates) in a trailer. However, he has a hideout that he spends most of his time in, goes to school in (in virtual reality…), and hangs out with his virtual friends. Most of the world’s population attends school and their day to day jobs in the virtual reality, and Wade is currently in the last few months of his school year before he graduates.

James Halliday grew up in the 80’s so many of the highlights of the game are based around 80’s films, music and games. Of course with many books, they don’t just run smoothly and there is the so called “baddies” who are a large corporation that solely employ people to try and win the whole thing.

Now I will warn you, this book does not get properly started until about 20% in and is almost overly describing, and overly setting the scene. I was very close to giving up and moving on to another book, but I didn’t … And I’m so glad I didn’t because I loved the rest of the book. You feel that because of the over describing you can really imagine what the characters look like, and what the surroundings are and can really immerse yourself in the story.

In This book you get an equal dose of action, history, romance and friendship … Along with all of the 80’s references. If you know nothing of the 80’s, then maybe don’t bother with this book as you will not understand many of the references…Although; it might be great place to learn! But after I got into this book, I couldn’t put it down and was determined to read it as quickly as possible to find out what happens at the end!

I wouldn’t say that this was an “easy” read as sometimes the way in which some things are described can be a little overbearing, but it has got to be one of the best books I read in 2016. I would maybe go as far to say that this is in my top ten books that I’ve ever read. Which I hate having to say after refusing to read any books that my partner has recommended up to this point!!

The characters are interesting, you can picture them all. However; I will say that there is a big twist with one of the characters later on in the book, toward the end.

I would actually recommend reading this book to anyone as I feel that it has something to give to all. Not everyone will enjoy it as everyone is different and that’s just fine!

After reading this book I thought to myself that this would play out into an amazing movie! Low and behold… It is being made into a movie by Steven Spielberg!! I had a gander at IMDb and the movie is set to be released in 2018! If I had never read the book my partner would have asked me to go watch the film anyway when it comes out, with me not having a clue of what it’s about. I’m glad I read the book first as I know that when books get made into movies, things can change and don’t always acutely portray the book. Only time will tell… and hope that I can blog about this further when I’ve seen the movie!

Side note: I use an app called Goodreads where you can track your reading, set challenges and discover new books. If you are a bookworm, I would recommend downloading/joining. If you join or are already on there, let me know and I will follow you!

If anyone decides to read this book, please let me know as I would love to heard your thoughts!



My Top 10 YouTubers

I am a serious YouTube watcher, and have been for years. I am subscribed to about 500 channels (need a much needed clear out!) I follow all types of channels, from beauty, family, recipes and general lifestyle YouTubers. I LOVE being able to join someone on their journey, and YouTube can also be a great place to educate yourself on a whole bunch of things!

Here are the top 10 channels I’ve been watching continuously lately, amongst the 500 channels I follow!

Family Fizz – I have been following this family and their journey for the past year now, and they always brighten my day that little bit more! This is a vegan family with Mummy Fizz, Daddy Fizz and their daughters Mia and Sienna. They share great tips and advice for a healthy lifestyle, they are super positive and inspiring, I love being able to share their journey.

OKBaby – I don’t know what  lead me to their videos, but once you start watching you feel like you kind of know them and want to follow their journey as a family. I have been watching these guys for a couple of years now and they just vlog their day as a young family.

Helen Anderson – This girl is just amazing! I found Helen a few years back when I was searching for a super easy beehive hair tutorial – I found her and the rest was history! She is her own person, doesn’t take shit from anyone and is quirky. The effort that Helen puts into her videos is outstanding, down to the music and aesthetics, to the content.

The Honest Guys – Now these guys are not really your typical YouTubers, and I discovered them whilst searching for meditation/relaxation music. They produce guided meditation videos with different categories, and hours of relaxing music. If I am ever stressed I pick a meditation video, If I want some music to accompany me in a relaxing bubble bath, I will pick one of their music only videos. I’m sure there are lots of channels out there that provide the same, but the amount of effort that goes into their content is superb!

Fully Raw Kristina – If I am every feeling like I need a bit of colour to brighten my day, I go visit Kristina’s channel! She is a raw vegan who share all of her recipes, tips and vlog about her general day to day life!

Tati – I started watching Tati about a year ago, and whilst I am unable to always appreciate the products that she is reviewing because they are not vegan, I love her personality and she is quite funny! She has lots of different series of types of products that she tries – not all make-up, they could be beauty devices and skincare too!

Grav3yardgirl – If you are looking for someone who is completely different and unique, Bunny is where you need to go! Grav3yardgirl may not be for everyone, but I cannot get through a video of hers without laughing!

Life With Beans – This channel is a wonderful family from Australia, parents share their day to day life with 6 children under 6! They are also Vegan!  

Pixiwoo – I was debating whether to put this on or not, but I have been following Pixiwoo since I discovered YouTube about 8 years ago. Sam and Nic Chapman are makeup artists that are now known all over the world. They are truly talented in what they do; I seem to watch less of them nowadays, but If a video catches my eye it never disappoints!

Holistichabits – Sarah Nagel is the girl behind these videos, and if you are looking for good vibes, healthy recipes and natural beauty, this is the place to be. Every single one of her videos brings a sense of calm and peace. Sarah doesn’t upload daily, but when she does the videos are super!


Enjoy, and don’t forget to tell me what you think! x

Relationship Series – How We Met

Every love story has a beginning and our started in 2010 when we were both super young and naive. We were both in our home city on nights out with each of our friends when we laid eyes on each other.

I noticed Jack straight away with his then long Emo-ish blonde hair and glasses, and saw that he kept looking over at me. We were in a club called Walkabout and I was out for my friends birthday when she decided to nip to the toilets. Whilst she was gone I got Jack to come over and we started talking and dancing when Bruno Mars – Just The Way Your Are came on the speakers…and that’s when we shared our first kiss and the moment that Just The Way You Are became officially “our” song!

My group of friends were leaving so Jack and I quickly exchanged numbers and carried on with the rest of our nights. The next day Jack and I arranged to meet up and met in a good old English pub and we just talked for hours!

After that, we went on a few dates and really got on well and eventually Jack asked me about being in a relationship. At the time I wasn’t really looking for a full on relationship as I had not long come out of a long term relationship of 5 years that didn’t end particularly well. I was enjoying life being able to do the things I hadn’t previously been able to do.

We lost contact with each other for some 8 months, but whenever I heard that Bruno Mars song it always reminded me of Jack. Looking back, it makes me feel bad that I didn’t just go with it and continue dating Jack, but I just wasn’t ready to settle into a serious relationship, and I fear that it wouldn’t have worked out.

It was 8 months later when I was out shopping and coincidentally saw Jack, I didn’t go up to speak to him as he was not on his own, but we were still friends on Facebook so I messaged him. We got chatting again and Jack was as lovely as ever! It was coming up to my 21st Birthday and so I invited him to come out with me and a bunch of friends, but he already had plans for his cousin’s birthday.

Jack offered to take me out for a belated birthday drink the following week, which actually turned out to be hungover afternoon coffee! I had been out the night before and had several drinks, and didn’t quite feel my best, but something made me get my act together and go and meet him! What I thought was going to be a friendly catch up turned into a date of sorts, and we went on to spend lots more time together and go on real dates.

After a few weeks of dating and spending time in cosy English pubs, Jack asked me to be his girlfriend… and I was finally ready to say yes!! Five and half years later I can officially say that I am in love with my best friend. I will always remember the night we both met and think about how different things could have turned out, but I will be ever grateful that they turned out just they way are!

“Disclaimer – I am in no way shape or form a relationship counsellor, and everything I share with you is based on my own experiences and opinions. I am simply sharing this in the hopes that it may be helpful to some, fully understanding that it may not be helpful or to the interests of others”

Relationship Series – Introduction


Hello all! I just wanted to introduce a series of posts that I will be writing and sharing with you soon, all about relationships.

There are several things that have lead me to want to write these posts, and share my experiences with you all, but I can’t quite explain or put into words exactly what it is. The relationship that I am in with my partner is better than ever, it got me thinking about why this is the case (like that’s not weird or anything!?).  Relationships can be complicated at the best of times, especially in this day and age while people have so much going on in their lives. Some of the questions I have been thinking about are; why do things seem so straightforward? Why do I feel so content with this amazing human and what makes us work so well together?

These are some of the things I have been thinking about, and I will share with you my thoughts broken down into a number of different posts.

The point of these posts is not to make you feel that you MUST follow my advice and share the same opinions as me, but to make you think a little more and consider what the right formula is for you and your partner.

So to start things off, I will introduce my partner and I so you know a little bit about us!

My name is Laura and my partner is Jack, we have been together officially since October 2011. I’m 26 and have worked in insurance and claims for 6 years and Jack is 24 and currently working his way through his PhD. We are a non-traditional couple trying to survive our way through the modern society!

I hope you enjoy the post that follow!

“Disclaimer – I am in no way shape or form a relationship counsellor, and everything I share with you is based on my own experiences and opinions. I am simply sharing this in the hopes that it may be helpful to some, fully understanding that it may not be helpful or to the interests of others”

Spain…I’m Coming to Get you!

In the last few years; I have moved to a different town and started a new life, and it seems to have been non-stop hard work up to now. Things have just started to feel like it has all fallen into place; I have found some amazing friends and finally found a job that I love.

My partner and I have finally been able to take some time out and go on holiday together, for the first time in 5 years! This is not counting the time we went to Las Vegas, as that was 3/4 years ago and a family holiday! But this time, it will be just the two of us and a time to fully relax and enjoy each other’s uninterrupted company.

We are due to go to Majorca, Spain in September and we are both so excited. We are in the process of buying holiday clothes and everything else we will need whilst we are away. We were looking at different locations in Spain, and never had a specific place that we both wanted to go. It turned out that the one we ended up picking, is a resort that I have visited before with my family a few years back! So much for exploring new places and travelling the world!

Here are a few of the better photographs I took on my first visit (there aren’t many!)


This year my main aims for this holiday are:

  1. Take lots and lots of pictures – I am getting a new camera and hope to capture some amazing images!
  2. Read a good few books – this year I’ve managed to smash out 16 books of my 30 book challenge, so I want to try and read at least two whilst I am away. I haven’t decided what books I’m going to read yet, but when I do decide I will list them in a separate blog post and maybe write reviews about them when I get back!
  3. Relax to the max! I don’t have any set plans or specific things to go while I am away and really do just want to be spontaneous and decide when I’m there. If we decide to spend the whole week lying by the pool because in that moment it makes us the happiest, then so be it!
  4. No social media or internet searching! Today so many people play their lives out on social media, and it sometimes takes you away from the here and now, and from creating unforgettable moments. I will of course, take pictures and upload some of them to social media when I come back, but not while I’m away!
  5. Wear less make-up – I am one of those girls that wears make-up on a daily basis. Being the relaxing holiday that this is supposed to be, I want to give my skin a break and keep my make-up low maintenance.

I will try and put together my packing list and tips, and provide you with a blog post for any of you searching for ideas! I always enjoy looking at holiday snaps, so comment below if you have blogged about a recent holiday and I look forward to having a gander!

I have lots going on in September, so expect a few posts about what I will be/have been up to!

Until next time…Adios!

Love Laura xox




Introduction – Hola!

Hola all! I was thinking about just going straight into a blog post… but I thought I ought to write a little introduction! So… Hi, I’m Laura and welcome to my blog! Technically, this is my second blog as I did have another blog that I started back in 2012/2013. I started off well and posted regularly; but I had confined myself to just writing about beauty and make-up products.

I wanted to start over with a brand new blog, and here it is! I am going to include basically anything and everything on here; from recipes to book reviews, to day in the life posts and just plain random posts!

I will just warn you before you read on and follow me; I am in love with weddings and all things related so, there will be a fair few posts of the wedding variety!

Anyway… I want to keep the little introduction short, and leave the rest for future blog posts! Thank you for reading!

Thank you for reading!

Love Laura xox