Vacaciones en España

Vacaciones en España


Before anyone says anything.. Yes, I know I had previously blogged about going on holiday..and that I never actually followed up on it… but I’m here now!!

My intentions were good as the following blog post was written straight after I came home from our holiday (along with several others that I do intend to still post). Life gets in the way (bad excuse I know), and I completely lost my mojo and inspiration, but I feel like I finally have it back! So, here goes…

We finally went on holiday!!!

Life has been so hectic the last few years, moving to a new town and new jobs etc… and we finally have had the chance to get away and take a break!

Jack and I visited Majorca and stayed in the calles de Mallorca resort at the sol hotel. I had stayed at this hotel about 3 years ago and it has recently been refurbished. I enjoyed my stay at the hotel the first time around with no complaints to be made.

The revamp of this hotel is stunning, from the reception and bar Area, to the restaurant and the rooms. The hotel has been modernized and there is a clean minimalistic style throughout. Our hotel room was lovely, spacious and clean.

I love the beach here, the larger beach to the right of the hotel is my favourite and is bigger. There is a little bar that also serves food, it was the same bar man that was there a few years ago when I visited for the first time! There is another beach to the left of the hotel, but it is very small and we found it difficult to find a spot!

I always remember the man who would come onto the beach and sell fresh fruit, my sister and I call him the Coco Loco Man. He comes walking onto the beach carrying all of his amazing fruits and shouts “Melon, Melon, Melon, Mango, Coconut, Pineappleeeee”! He was still there, and we saw him every time we went to the beach!

The resort is quite secluded and not many places to go or things so explore, but that was just fine with us because we literally wanted to do nothing! I did consider taking a boat trip but that didn’t happen because we were quite content lying in the sun and enjoying a good book!

Whilst this was in no way a luxury adults only holiday, it was just what we needed to take so time away from everyday life. I managed to get through one full book which I picked up at the Airport and was on the top books list. The book is called The Ballroom by Anna Hope, which I enjoyed if anyone is looking for a book recommendation!

Here are a few pictures from our very much needed and very much enjoyed holiday together.



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