Relationship Series – Spending Time Away From Your Partner

Relationship Series – Spending Time Away From Your Partner

The thought of spending time away from your love might sound unthinkable to some, but it is something I have come to appreciate and enjoy.

I was never always like this; I have spent time away from partners and just been completely miserable… all because I never took that time I had to do something useful, or to just appreciate having my own space.

Not everyone will agree with this, and if spending every second with your partner is what makes you both happy… then that’s great! The whole point in this concept, and all of the other things am talking about throughout the posts in my relationship series is to identify what works for you both, and what makes you both the happiest.

Last year when Jack started his PhD; he had to work for 6 months at Oxford University, which meant he effectively had to move out. I wasn’t overly impressed about being at home on my own without him for weeks on end, so we sat down and discussed how it would work. We came to an agreement that he would come home most weekends where possible and both agreed that whilst it would be hard, it would be worth it in the end for his career.

For the first month or so; I found it difficult to adjust and let me missing him take over. Once I got used to it; I found lots of things to do on my own and found that I actually really enjoyed and appreciated the time spent on my own. I watched all of the movies that I knew Jack wouldn’t like, I read lots of books, I spent time with friends, listened to lots of music and sang and danced (whilst no one was listening and watching of course!).

Having this time apart; it allowed me time to really miss him, and when he did come home or if i went to visit, it made that time special and enjoyable. Now he is back we have fallen into a great routine where we both typically have 2+ evenings doing whatever we want on our own. I think it is to give yourself time to yourself, to sit with your own thoughts and to do something that is just for you!
So next time your partner says he/she fancies going for a drink with his/her mates, happily let them go, wish them good night and do something for yourself!


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