Relationship Series – Working as a Team

Relationship Series – Working as a Team

I touched on this briefly in my “Don’t sweat the small stuff” post, and now i’ll explain how much it has made a difference in my relationship.

Jack and I have been living together for 3 1/2 years now, 2 1/2 in our own house (living with parents previously). We moved to a completely new town where we knew nobody and literally had to start fresh. The first year was all about the excitement of starting our new lives, buying furniture for our house and all of the other stuff that goes along with it.

I didn’t work for the first 2 months and was at home on my own whilst Jack was at work; whilst I did a fair bit of job hunting in this time, I had lots of time to get my house in order. I did most of the unpacking, and made sure the house was always tidy and clean, and all of our clothes were washed and ironed. After we had truly settled in, and I found a job and was working full time, the housework became the bane of our lives.

We both worked hard and never wanted to do anything when we got home after a long day; we found ourselves arguing about who last took the bins out, who last cooked, who last did the washing. We ended up spending most of our weekends catching up on jobs we had argued over and neglected. Before we knew it, we were wasting our time off at the weekends and being narked with each other because we both thought we had done more jobs than the other.

It was actually Jack that eventually kept saying “we should be working as a team”, and at the time I was too annoyed and too tired to realise that he was right!

As time went on we eventually started to work as a team. Acknowledging that one person had carried out X number of jobs, so the other would complete some tasks too. There is very little argument when it comes to doing housework and general chores because instead of spending more time debating over what jobs each person is going to do, we either tackle them together, or get on with what needs to be done with the other recognising the effort they have both put in.

When you share a house with someone, responsibilities pile up and it becomes both of your jobs to work together to gain a good balance.  Coming together as a team and becoming the ultimate partnership is what we aim for, where the boring everyday jobs don’t get in the way of us enjoying ourselves.

This post relates closely to something i want to talk more about within this relationship series, and that’s gratitude. Stay posted for more relationship chatter! 

“Disclaimer – I am in no way shape or form a relationship counsellor, and everything I share with you is based on my own experiences and opinions. I am simply sharing this in the hopes that it may be helpful to some, fully understanding that it may not be helpful or to the interests of others”


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