My Top 10 YouTubers

I am a serious YouTube watcher, and have been for years. I am subscribed to about 500 channels (need a much needed clear out!) I follow all types of channels, from beauty, family, recipes and general lifestyle YouTubers. I LOVE being able to join someone on their journey, and YouTube can also be a great place to educate yourself on a whole bunch of things!

Here are the top 10 channels I’ve been watching continuously lately, amongst the 500 channels I follow!

Family Fizz – I have been following this family and their journey for the past year now, and they always brighten my day that little bit more! This is a vegan family with Mummy Fizz, Daddy Fizz and their daughters Mia and Sienna. They share great tips and advice for a healthy lifestyle, they are super positive and inspiring, I love being able to share their journey.

OKBaby – I don’t know what  lead me to their videos, but once you start watching you feel like you kind of know them and want to follow their journey as a family. I have been watching these guys for a couple of years now and they just vlog their day as a young family.

Helen Anderson – This girl is just amazing! I found Helen a few years back when I was searching for a super easy beehive hair tutorial – I found her and the rest was history! She is her own person, doesn’t take shit from anyone and is quirky. The effort that Helen puts into her videos is outstanding, down to the music and aesthetics, to the content.

The Honest Guys – Now these guys are not really your typical YouTubers, and I discovered them whilst searching for meditation/relaxation music. They produce guided meditation videos with different categories, and hours of relaxing music. If I am ever stressed I pick a meditation video, If I want some music to accompany me in a relaxing bubble bath, I will pick one of their music only videos. I’m sure there are lots of channels out there that provide the same, but the amount of effort that goes into their content is superb!

Fully Raw Kristina – If I am every feeling like I need a bit of colour to brighten my day, I go visit Kristina’s channel! She is a raw vegan who share all of her recipes, tips and vlog about her general day to day life!

Tati – I started watching Tati about a year ago, and whilst I am unable to always appreciate the products that she is reviewing because they are not vegan, I love her personality and she is quite funny! She has lots of different series of types of products that she tries – not all make-up, they could be beauty devices and skincare too!

Grav3yardgirl – If you are looking for someone who is completely different and unique, Bunny is where you need to go! Grav3yardgirl may not be for everyone, but I cannot get through a video of hers without laughing!

Life With Beans – This channel is a wonderful family from Australia, parents share their day to day life with 6 children under 6! They are also Vegan!  

Pixiwoo – I was debating whether to put this on or not, but I have been following Pixiwoo since I discovered YouTube about 8 years ago. Sam and Nic Chapman are makeup artists that are now known all over the world. They are truly talented in what they do; I seem to watch less of them nowadays, but If a video catches my eye it never disappoints!

Holistichabits – Sarah Nagel is the girl behind these videos, and if you are looking for good vibes, healthy recipes and natural beauty, this is the place to be. Every single one of her videos brings a sense of calm and peace. Sarah doesn’t upload daily, but when she does the videos are super!


Enjoy, and don’t forget to tell me what you think! x


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