Spain…I’m Coming to Get you!

In the last few years; I have moved to a different town and started a new life, and it seems to have been non-stop hard work up to now. Things have just started to feel like it has all fallen into place; I have found some amazing friends and finally found a job that I love.

My partner and I have finally been able to take some time out and go on holiday together, for the first time in 5 years! This is not counting the time we went to Las Vegas, as that was 3/4 years ago and a family holiday! But this time, it will be just the two of us and a time to fully relax and enjoy each other’s uninterrupted company.

We are due to go to Majorca, Spain in September and we are both so excited. We are in the process of buying holiday clothes and everything else we will need whilst we are away. We were looking at different locations in Spain, and never had a specific place that we both wanted to go. It turned out that the one we ended up picking, is a resort that I have visited before with my family a few years back! So much for exploring new places and travelling the world!

Here are a few of the better photographs I took on my first visit (there aren’t many!)


This year my main aims for this holiday are:

  1. Take lots and lots of pictures – I am getting a new camera and hope to capture some amazing images!
  2. Read a good few books – this year I’ve managed to smash out 16 books of my 30 book challenge, so I want to try and read at least two whilst I am away. I haven’t decided what books I’m going to read yet, but when I do decide I will list them in a separate blog post and maybe write reviews about them when I get back!
  3. Relax to the max! I don’t have any set plans or specific things to go while I am away and really do just want to be spontaneous and decide when I’m there. If we decide to spend the whole week lying by the pool because in that moment it makes us the happiest, then so be it!
  4. No social media or internet searching! Today so many people play their lives out on social media, and it sometimes takes you away from the here and now, and from creating unforgettable moments. I will of course, take pictures and upload some of them to social media when I come back, but not while I’m away!
  5. Wear less make-up – I am one of those girls that wears make-up on a daily basis. Being the relaxing holiday that this is supposed to be, I want to give my skin a break and keep my make-up low maintenance.

I will try and put together my packing list and tips, and provide you with a blog post for any of you searching for ideas! I always enjoy looking at holiday snaps, so comment below if you have blogged about a recent holiday and I look forward to having a gander!

I have lots going on in September, so expect a few posts about what I will be/have been up to!

Until next time…Adios!

Love Laura xox





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