Happy 21st Birthday Siana

Today is my little sisters 21st birthday, I can hear her in my head saying “today is my birthday” in a Scottish accent (inside joke, sorry!) I thought I’d be all extra and write an open letter to her as a little soppy addition to her birthday celebrations! Siana, Not only are you my sister, [...]

What Does Christmas Mean to me?

I’m not religious and so I see the festive period and Christmas is more of an end of year event, bringing a close to the last 12 months. It’s a good time to reflect on the last year and the events that have bought you to where you are now. It’s when I start thinking [...]

I Wear my Heart on my Sleeve

I always thought that wearing your heart on your sleeve was a bad thing, I thought it opened you up to getting hurt more often and easier. But it’s not... I’m always 100% myself, what you see is what you get. I’m an open book. I never have to worry about people learning the “real [...]

I’m in Love

I am so in love with my life, more so than ever! Almost anyone that knows me, will know that I haven’t had the easiest year! Some really, reallllly shit things have happened... It may have been the worst year of my life, and also the best so far... I am so excited, for today, [...]


I’m sure most of you have heard the term mindfulness being thrown out there more and more these days. The reason for this, is that people are starting to tune themselves back into the here and now. Taking some time each day to slow down, and just be present in that exact moment to observe [...]

The Only Constant Thing in Life is Change

I've not only realised recently, but accepted, that everything in our lives constantly changes. Our situations, the people that surround us and our everyday experiences. Thinking about this made me stop and realise that this is okay... this is how it's supposed to be! It also got me thinking that if everything is constantly changing, [...]

Mind Says Yes, Body Says No!

On reflection of all that has happened this year, paired with being forced to stay home and not work... or do anything remotely fun or active, has created a shift in me. I have a completely new outlook on life, what I want to do and where I want to be going. When you experience [...]

In Time

Your time is precious, spend it like you’re on a budget. Allow the majority of your time to be spent on the most important things in your life. Stop wasting time on things and people that aren’t deserving. It doesn’t just stop there, your time can be taken up by pointless activities, overthinking, spending time [...]

Wonder Woman is not Fiction, she is a State of Mind

This is a personal post but it was overloading my mind with too much, so I thought I'd write it all down... sorry, it's a long one! Today I was so close to writing the biggest and longest blog post moaning about all the problems that I’m currently facing with my chronic pain problem. Without [...]

See ya, Wouldn’t Wanna be ya!

It’s time to think about the people we allow into our lives, how they affect us and whether they should stay. Don’t slowly poison yourself with toxic people. Only you can decide whether said people stick around. Once you remove them from your life, you make room for all of the good stuff that you [...]

Time to Write Your Own Story

I am a firm believer that all things happen for a reason. The people that make their way into, and out of our lives are put there for a reason. Some people are designed to stay with you forever, some are not. You will learn from each experience life throws at you, and each person [...]

The End of Life as You Know It

You know when you’re just content in your life, and then something massive just comes crashing down on you? You don’t know quite what hit you, but it was damn hard!! It leaves you feeling bewildered and confused, like you don’t know where you are or who you are for a split second! Well that [...]