Top 10 TV Shows – No.1 Sense8

Top 10 TV Shows – Number 1 Sense8 – Created by Lana and Lilly Wachowski and J. Michael Straczynski Sense8 is not only just another TV show, its an absolute masterpiece in my opinion. Not only is the storyline superb and at times super sexy, but it covers so many subjects! I’m really bad at […]

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Vacaciones en España

Vacaciones en España   Before anyone says anything.. Yes, I know I had previously blogged about going on holiday..and that I never actually followed up on it… but I’m here now!! My intentions were good as the following blog post was written straight after I came home from our holiday (along with several others that […]

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My Weird Green Obsession

My Weird Green Obsession Does anyone else have a really strange obsession? I love looking at Green things, landscapes covered in greenery, plants and just general Greenness… For some reason it makes me feel happy and peaceful, and closer to Earth. I have a Pinterest board just for Greenery to full fill my obsession! So… […]

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